Monday, August 19, 2013


Cake has always been one of the highlight moments to a wedding, especially for cake lovers. There are connoisseurs of cake just waiting for it to be cut and tasted.  What is also so fun hip and yummy is the new endless desserts that can be served from cupcakes and cake pops, second  to a cake lovers pleasure
and  icecream sandwiches, mini pies, dessert bars, gelato stations and s'mores and more - Anything you can dream that makes your sweet tooth happy - Serve!!  Just make it  a magical presentation!!!!
 cake, cupcakes, candy and more - all in the color theme of the wedding extravagantly displayed!!!
        How about a fun ice-cream - gelato truck  wheeled right in to your wedding or party Woohoo!!
     Ice Cream Ice Cream - who doesn't love an icedream cone and passed - maybe even two!!
 Cupcakes come in every shape style and flavor - so the icing on the cake - DISPLAY DISPLAY!!
 One of my absolute favorites - french macarons - and if you want the best order from Lauduree!!
                          Ginger jars of every size and shape make for the prettiest candy table!!
                       Remember - if you are exchanging bites - do it with absolute style and LOVE!!
 Lemon flavored anything - cake filling or icing, macaroons or cookies dusted in sugar always!!!

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