Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Renown Arizona Biltmore Resort Hotel

Biltmore - One of the only existing luxury hotels in the world with a Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced design, The Arizona Biltmore has been an Arizona landmark since its opening on Feb. 23, 1929 when it was crowned "The Jewel of the Desert In 1930, when the estimated $1 million construction cost doubled, Chicago chewing gum magnate William Wrigley, Jr., one of the original investors in the project, became the sole owner. Over the next 44 years, the Wrigley family owned and operated the Arizona Biltmore and it became world renowned as the preferred luxury oasis for celebrities, heads of state, captains of industry and other famous travelers.
The handsome  groom Danny Sauer and extraordinary photographer in his own right!
Beautiful couple - beautiful blush bouquet of peonies!

This bridal party all looks like ballerinas - so feminine and beautiful!

A walk thru the  lovely Frank Lloyd architecture of the Biltmore Hotel!

The "sparks" are in the KISS!

Happy and so self assured !

A Cinderella moment with maid of honor!

and the lovely bride wears her wedding day as beautifully as her name "GRACE"

The old-world round dining and ballroom at the Biltmore - these walls have stories of famous and historical people from all walks of life!

Monday, August 19, 2013

The style of every wedding starts with the BRIDE !!

What makes the best style for a wedding is that the bride stays true to herself and what she loves not what is the latest color or trend.   Start with finding the dress you love which will determine the venue, the theme and every detail that comes after that.  Whether a cathedral or a flowy beach dress or a short sassy party dress  or lace from head to toe, find the dress that makes you feel like your dream come true and then design around it.  If you aren't sure this is the time to have the wedding planner that is also
a great designer and can help you find your sense of style!
                               Off the shoulder sweetheart with utter simplicity and elegance!
                                 A beautiful twist with lace as it forms crisp flowing ruffles!
                         We would probably say "Chanel" just an utter classic -love the sheer gloves!
                             Yes - a blushing bride - endless yards of blush tuile and asymmetrical neckline                  wrapped in a removal but stunning bow wrapped with her bouquet of orchids!!
                                      Absolutely adorable flirty and informal!!!!!!!!!
For the look of a flowing billow of tulle in a long dress but just have to show off those legs!!!
                             If you want to take everyone's breath away try clouds of Pink!!

                                 Want a sweetheart neckline with a little feminine touch add a lace strap!

                   It  doesn't have to be form fitting to be flirty - a beautiful beaded top is the trick!

How about a Holiday Wedding Celebration - all rose gold glitter - stunning!

       Are you the girl that just wants a simple but elegant destination or courthouse out on the town then            this is for you - so beautiful and classic and what a beautiful neckline!
                        Love the form fit and shirred bodice with vertical waves and removable collar!
A Juliet moment - just breathtaking with a veiling that creates an ephereal affect!

Think a deep ivory taupe is more your color, love making a statement - try this flowing beauty!


Cake has always been one of the highlight moments to a wedding, especially for cake lovers. There are connoisseurs of cake just waiting for it to be cut and tasted.  What is also so fun hip and yummy is the new endless desserts that can be served from cupcakes and cake pops, second  to a cake lovers pleasure
and  icecream sandwiches, mini pies, dessert bars, gelato stations and s'mores and more - Anything you can dream that makes your sweet tooth happy - Serve!!  Just make it  a magical presentation!!!!
 cake, cupcakes, candy and more - all in the color theme of the wedding extravagantly displayed!!!
        How about a fun ice-cream - gelato truck  wheeled right in to your wedding or party Woohoo!!
     Ice Cream Ice Cream - who doesn't love an icedream cone and passed - maybe even two!!
 Cupcakes come in every shape style and flavor - so the icing on the cake - DISPLAY DISPLAY!!
 One of my absolute favorites - french macarons - and if you want the best order from Lauduree!!
                          Ginger jars of every size and shape make for the prettiest candy table!!
                       Remember - if you are exchanging bites - do it with absolute style and LOVE!!
 Lemon flavored anything - cake filling or icing, macaroons or cookies dusted in sugar always!!!

Breathtaking Bouquets!

After the Dress the next most important detail for the bride is her personal bouquet. 
So often a bride wants to have a colorful bouquet and sometimes that is a perfect look, but more often that not, having the bridesmaids in colorful florals frames her with a stunning bouquet designed in all shades of white and cream that compliment her dress perfectly.

Such a beautiful color of Corals!

How I love the look of bright fuschia against the classic navy blue!

Want to step up your bouquet - just add vintage rhinestones and pearls!

What a pretty surprise with the black centers of these anenomes!

How beautiful is this spring bouquet of roses tulips and cherry blossoms!

A work of art - one massive rose hand made from one rose petal at a time and finished with a stunning brooch center and a massive black bow for that tuxedo style!

who doesn't love shades of purples with orchids and roses!

How playful and pretty to add a touch of succulents!

Wide ribbon draped bows to finish this romantic bouquet!

Stunning beaded brocade makes the perfect wrap for your bouquet!

This bouquet looks like velvet with its deep beautiful colors!

A touch o the desert in it prettiest blooming stage right here!

Paige & Conor's Love Story

One of the most magical venues in Scottsdale Arizona, the grounds are stunning the mountains majestic.  El Charro Paradise Valley is secluded , stunning and the food & staff  just fabulous !
From the cutest most adorable college graduate to a breathtaking elegant bride and Woman Paige you were the focal point from beginning to end.  The most gracious fun and loving bride - Honored!
                   On the beautiful grounds of the Franciscan Renewal Center - Swinging into Life!!
What a great photo by Ventola Photography - Kym can capture moments everyone misses - she has a personality that draws everyone into the happiest photo, generous & fun - the utmost professional!
                                                      A LOOK SAYS IT ALL!!
Every detail is important to me and I loved painting the parasols - they were such a hit for guests!